Sonologyst is a project born in 2012, founded by RP, who was active at the beginning of 2000’ as Memorie Elettroniche Sonore (quit at the moment).
The perpetual experiment on sound is the base of this project, looking back to early experimentation of Fifties and Sixties with Berio, Stockhausen, Ferrari, Parmegiani, Subotnik explorations, forward to the future possibilities of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, with a special attention to the relationships between music and science, as between music and other art forms, included experimental cinema. RP’s working on different ideas, also with the collateral project Absolute Planck more oriented to ambient – soundscapes, and spoken words

Tracks as sourse of inspirations have mathematical concepts. Although this relationship the structures are not rigid; all pieces are almost completely improvised. That’s why I call my music “exprerimental”, in order to mean that the result is unpredictable. All tracks are mastering and post produce in a professional studio in Italy.

A small extract from a Borges’ tale.

One of the schools of Tlön goes so far as to negate
time: it reasons that the present is indefinite, that the future has no reality
other than as a present memory (2). Another school declares that all time
has already transpired and that our life is only the crepuscular and no
doubt falsified an mutilated memory or reflection of an irrecoverable
process. Another, that the history of the universe – and in it our lives and
the most tenuous detail of our lives – is the scripture produced by a
subordinate god in order to communicate with a demon. Another, that
the universe is comparable to those cryptographs in which not all the
symbols are valid and that only what happens every three hundred nights
is true. Another, that while we sleep here, we are awake elsewhere and
that in this way every man is two men.

Jorge Luis Borges, Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius


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